Leiden, 7-9-2018

Good friends of Foundation Nepal Sammaan,

A short news report from the foundation.

Last June/July I visited our youngest project in the Terai, the southwest of Nepal. The Janchetna ECD (Early Childhood Development) has been festively opened and is being used. Unlike the previous projects, the usual painting on the interior walls is missing; instead, interchangable information panels are used as decoration.

Pen and paper and a child are entertained!

A new project is now being started, the Durga ECD room. This classroom will be part of an already existing Primary school on a spacious site, about 300 meters from the village. This Primary school is financed by the government, but unfortunately there is only one official teacher and the school is mainly based on volunteers. But that is always better than no school. The ECD building is completely separate from the other two rooms and has sufficient space. Incidentally, the nursery class has its own paid, trained teacher. The same teacher that these children had already for years under the trees of the village, when the weather allowed.

Old and young involved in the festive event, the opening of Janchetna ECD.

The first two offices that have been built by Nepal Sammaan (Ram Dulare ECD and the Gauri room) have been in use for some years now and require maintenance. At Ram Dulare, the pump must be repaired and the outside walls painted. The Gauri local must also be painted. The climate of Nepal is not very conducive to a long life of painting.

Furthermore, it was decided to build a wall around this room. At first it seemed unnecessary because the school is located in the middle of the village. But in practice, uncontrolled cattle and also delinquent youths caused quite a lot of unnecessary damage. A protective wall and cordoning off the grounds with a fence can solve this problem.

But all the work, the construction of the new school and the aforementioned painting, have to wait until the monsoon is finished.


Annette Donker.

Leiden, 24-5-2018

Good friends and interested people from the Nepal Sammaan Foundation,

A short but positive summer message. In mid-June I will leave for Nepal for the festive opening of the Janchetna school. Maybe you still remember a large number of children packed up in a paintless box. From now on, their new home is ready to receive them in a cheerfully painted classroom.

Thanks to the Imelda Nolet Foundation we can start a next project. The Durga kindergarten room. Now the toddlers get lessons in the open air under the trees, depending on the weather.

Thanks to all private donors, we have built up a good reserve. During my stay I will check the first two schools for defects that have arisen. If there are repairs to be done, the outside must be repainted. Is there enough teaching material? Then, thanks to you, the foundation has the financial possibilities for that.

I wish everyone a good summer.


Annette Donker

Leiden 29-3-2018

Good friends of the foundation Nepal Sammaan,

The ECD center Janchetna is nearing completion. The expectation is to deliver the end of April for use. Maybe you remember the photo taken during my visit last year of several children packed up in a paintless box. This school is intended for them.

In mid-June I will leave for Nepal for the festive opening.

Of course there is again a short report with photos.


Annette Donker

The Nepal Sammaan foundation was established in October 2008. Its goal is to raise funds to support projects in Nepal aimed at eliminating child labor in the immediate vicinity of the projects. The name of the foundation means 'Nepal Respect'.

The founder, Annette Donker, lived for some years in Nepal. She understands - and is best able to judge - the importance of aid, with respect to traditions and social relations.

The availability of pre-school education ECD (Early Childhood Development), prevents young children from ending up in the labor process from which there is little or no escape.

The Foundation Nepal Sammaan focuses on the construction of said kindergartens in the realization that education is the only way to eventually combat child labor and poverty.

Last year, the foundation has, in addition to the monthly donations from loyal benefactors, received a significant contribution from the company 'Symbios, Switzerland', www.symbios.ch and from 'the Remonstrant Brotherhood, section Religion and Society', www.remonstranten.org in addition to a significant donation in 2013, also the commitment for such support for upcoming years.

The Foundation Nepal Sammaan is registered in Leiden at the Chamber of Commerce under No. 27329244.