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Funds have again been received for a subsequent ECD center, a classroom for pre-school education. The Durga ECD center. Located in Yasodhara village Municipality, Amlonaha Kapilvastu. The room is for 20 children, 9 girls and 11 boys who are still being taught in the open air. As usual, a toilet is provided at the school and a pump for clean drinking water. The children are taught by a trained kindergarten teacher. If the construction goes according to plan and the winter season is not a breaker, the school can be put into use in spring 2019.


The Janchetna kindergarten room. The special thing about this story is that the population of the village, Kapiyawa, itself years ago have started saving for a piece of land for a kindergarten. All these years the children were taught in a shed, made available by one of the residents, a shed of 2 by 3 meters. A trained leader was paid by the government. This small but concerned community of 70 families now have their home.

At 8 km southwest of Taulihawa lies the village of Banshkor, this time a larger community of 200 families. Here again, the population belongs to the lowest caste. The government provided a trained kindergarten teacher 10 years ago. But education took place under the trees. Also there Nepal Sammaan built a kindergarten according to the same set-up. In the first place the school was called Janki, later that name was changed to a name chosen by the community.

Project Kapilvastu, the kindergarten 'Ram Dulare' south of the provincial center 'Taulihawa', was completed in 2013. First there was a mud hut built by parents. A hut without a door, running water, or toilets.

Now, with the Foundation's support, there is a sturdy, lockable stone building, the interior walls beautifully decorated with colorful images of animals, the alphabet, and objects. At the back of the school, a toilet has been built and there is water pump on the property for clean water.

With the Foundation's assistance, the construction of a kindergarten has commenced in the village of Gauri, located slightly above Taulihawa. Hopefully to be completed in the spring of 2014. For lack of beter shelter, the children in that village used to receive education under a tree.

In the village of Baluhawa, the wish is for a school for 200 students, including 40 ECD pupils, because there too, education is given under a tree.

It probably sounds appealing: a canopy as a shelter, but in very warm and wet weather, a good building to be a better solution.

The foundation will make every effort possible to collect as much money to be able to support this even larger project.

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